Tales from the TechnoSphere at Foundry Hall

May 15, 2012

We have begun an audiovisual mash-up at Foundry Hall in South Haven, Michigan every first Thursday in 2012.  The next one is on June 7 at 8pm.  This involves live mixing of video loops with electronic music combined with acoustic music.  Sometimes a one man show by Julian Lauzzana, but often involving guest artists and audience participation.  There is generally some archival footage (such as commercials, news reel footage, NASA clips…) as well as some “eye candy” integrated with post modern artifacts in the digital domain.  There is some prep work, but most of the show is highly improvisational.  This is a love/hate interplay between man and machine, an electronic dance exhibiting the collective tribal trauma that humans now face due to our dependencies and reliance upon our machines.  The technosphere is the final stage before total spiritualization of matter on planet earth.  Say hello to the ghosts in the machine, we put them there.  $5 suggested donation.


One Response to “Tales from the TechnoSphere at Foundry Hall”

  1. Chad Z Says:

    Will be visiting again this summer and would love to check it out Jules!
    Chad Z

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