Primal Digital soon moves to The Land of Lakes

May 25, 2010

Wrapping up projects, connecting with people, and getting the plan in order before we leave Portland at end of June.

We have decided that Michigan will soon be our home! I am still teaching one movie making class to kids after school at Robert Gray Middle School, which is a zombie film! I love this work, but it along with other cool projects I have been immersed in, bring in very little income. Land is cheaper in Michigan, family is closer, and perhaps my primal digital projects will be more fruitful in SW Michigan. We also have some other community building projects in mind which will come to the surface soon.

As a manifestation of synchronicity, many people I have collaborated with since arriving in PDX are having events, screenings and gatherings so that I can touch base in a good way before leaving. For example, two works-in-progress which I screened during the Hillsdale Microcinema last year, are now complete and just premiered in Portland last week! The Escape of Middle C by Bev Standish and Play Again by Ground Productions.

Last weekend the family and I hung out with Tony Deis and Trackers NW for a potluck and discussion about hyper-local living, family values and exponential expansion of ecovillages (among other topics). The Geezer Gallery last Sunday hosted a massive event “Grand Works Northwest” featuring music, workshops and art by elders at the Mark Building downtown Portland. I have met with them and the Aging Artfully Initiative and screened films at the Hillsdale MicroCinema, which will apparently be continuing on at the Watershed Building through Jim Corcoran.

More personal artistic projects? I am working on the first of a new primal digital video series entitled Better Ways which looks at better ways of doing things. I also edited an excerpt from Young Musicians of SW PDX show I did and will post that shortly. If I can pull it off, I hope to have a new podcast and web-casting set up soon as well. All that while I am moving and taking care of the baby. By Fall of 2010 Primal Digital HQ will again be set up in a new location. This time in South Haven, Michigan. In the meantime, enjoying the ride but wishing I could teleport to The Residents shows in Europe.


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