Earth Day Salute

April 23, 2010

It is also the birthday of Charles Mingus!  Music is one of the prime ways to honor the earth I do believe.  Praise the sun, the earth and primal source beyond human comprehension!

I recently lost my community garden.  Though I never was notified in writing or email, the plot defaulted back to Portland Parks and Recreation and has a new owner.  So, that was a tough hit.  But I got a LOT out of that garden, and managed to take some plants back to our patio, so we have some greens and such that are still going.  Also, I did not get the ED position at Lost Valley Educational Center and none of my youth media classes have been filling up this Spring.  So, many things are not going in my direction it seems.

However, what it really adds up to is that after this summer it seems a move back to Michigan may likely be in order.  This will be a difficult shift for the blended family of 9 (6 kids, 3 parents) – whose father lives in California – but will bring us closer to my mom, brother, cousins, step-sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.  Also, we can dwell cheaply in a beach house in South Haven that is well situated in a very productive agricultural and greenhouse zone and not far from Chicago!

This Sunday, April 25, I will give a “This I Believe” talk at West Hills Unitarian Universalit Fellowship. The basic outline is to first look at the entropic state we humans are in; based on various interconnected broken systems (war, politics, industry, technology obsession, fossil fuel extraction, fundamentalist re…ligion, GDP economy, profit driven healthcare and prisons, global food systems, etc.) and then present a comprehensivsit approach to doing more with less; while enjoying our lives more. Underlying it all…”the best ideas are ‘bad’ for the ‘economy’. Great and generous souls like Tesla, Bucky Fuller, Paolo Soleri, etc. have paved the way on that work. Now we just need to pull it together and stop trying to get back to “business as usual.” We need Radical Comprehensive Realignment, not just baby steps like compact fluorescent light bulbs and Priuses.

Following that, from 2-5 pm, I will be producing (together with Wilson Area Arts Council) and recording a live music event featuring local young musicians from SW Portland in Multnomah Village @ O’Connors.

So, la vida da vuelta, pero… life goes on and the signals create renewed clarity and inform direction. Happy 40th Anniversary, Earth Day!


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