Primal Gardens and Local Foods

April 2, 2010

Spring has sprung and that’s no April Fools.  Here are a couple pics from my community garden plot.  Been hanging out a lot there with my baby girl Aria.  She is eating lots of greens both raw and cooked!  Unfortunately our broccoli was beheaded a couple days ago.  It must have happened the night before I walked to the garden with a blade and bag to reap the harvest.  Well, that hurts, but I hope they were in need.  This garden has been well worth it, regardless of this crime against my humanity.

Tomorrow I am going in for an interview at Lost Valley Educational Center, where I hope to be living and working, ecovillage style.

A few weeks ago, on March 15, I saw Wes Jackson, founder of The Land Institute in Kansas, speak at Illahee lecture series.  This man is a huge player in the sustainable food movement.  A recent friend and collaborator invited me and, I must admit, I had actually never hear of Wes Jackson.  They are working on breeding perennial grains.  His presentation and life’s work is very compelling.  However, I have two fundamental problems with his approach.  One is that he believes we must focus the bulk of our energy on buying off senators and continue to spend our time, energy and resources on politics and advocacy work.  The other is that his work is based on the acceptance of our overwhelming dependence on grain and grain for beef production.  I believe that one (of many) key demands we must place upon ourselves, in order to continue living well on this planet, is to eat less meat, more locally produced foods, thus minimizing the need for foreign grains and meat.  Either way, though, I admire this man and learned a lot from him.  I also had the opportunity to meet with him briefly after his talk.  I look forward to a future with perennial grains!


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