Youth Audio-Video Projects

March 29, 2010

Just wrapped a Spring Break intensive video production course on March 22-26 at Multnomah Arts Center in Portland, Oregon, USA. It was a bit crazy but we produced a lot of quality material. I incorporated theory and history in a new, more improvisational way throughout the week (rather than powerpoint at the beginning of class). This was an interesting new way of working. The class also used the theater stage and some props a bit more than in the past, so that was fun.

Just locked in another young local musicians gig for Sunday April 25 at O’Connors in Multnomah Village, Portland, Oregon, USA. Line up so far is two bands (Kittin and Squid Party) and several solo artists: MC NETT, (hip-hop lyricist/vocalist); Carrie Kitzke (singer/songwriter) and Emma Knox Hershey (vocalist). That should be a blast, once again. I am planning to record and release “Live at O’Connors” CD. Working with these talented young musicians from SW PDX High Schools has been great. One of my favorite projects since arriving in Portland. My wish is that this event be a regular continuing event (maybe quarterly) at O’Connors on Sunday afternoons and that the musicians take care of the live sound themselves and some of the promotions, so that they need very little help producing the show. This is actually pretty much the case, so sustaining the project is rather feasible.

Working with youth has really been the primary thrust of Pd work since arriving in Portland. Primal Digital, LLC now has a youth media production aspect to its portfolio. This is a really interesting development that began most serendipitously upon meeting Bev Standish almost two years ago at a Final Cut Pro User’s Group meeting. Turned out she needed help teaching an Animation Camp two summers ago. Telling stories is so important a craft to human civilization and mass media seem to be such a focal part of storytelling these days. Teaching youth to deconstruct mass media through the act of production is what its all about in these classes, though it is never blatantly so.



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