March 10, 2010

Today is KIN 231 of 260 KIN on the Tzolkin, consisting of 13 tones 20 seals. It is the day of the Blue Planetary Monkey, a day connected to the illusion, play and magical dimensions of existence. I am following this calendar, despite my concerns about getting too new age-y, for a many reasons, which I will mention now.

This calendar is based on natural law and ancient knowledge. I feel that our current mainstream, western, industrial-technological-science driven paradigm is caving in on itself (though there are many good things about it) and that we are in need of realignment.

I have always been struck by the ways of indigenous peoples around the world. In particular, on my many visits to Mexico, those who speak Spanish (if at all) as a second language and are descendants of Maya and other peoples. I have considered for decades getting a tattoo o a half human/half animal, man -god but I simply don’t know enough about it to be happy with a decision. If I do that, I want to do it out of reverence, respectfully.
This calendar is based on synchronicity and the “art of time”” as opposed to “time is money.” It is very simple, but has various layers of complexity that can be explored as you get more in tune with the system. I particularly like the part of being a conscious participant in the “noosphere” and channeling to and from the more elevated places; being grounded on earth, but aware of our connection to that which is vast.
For example, today is a day that channels the energy of the Blue Planetary Monkey. It was on KIN 31, 1862, that paper money was first printed in USA. Now the Federal Reserve prints money behind close doors, never telling the public how much – injecting it into the economy – deflating the value of all our currency; robbing the middle class. The government counterfeits and does it somehow “in our interest?” These are the tricks that need to be seen for what they are. If we remain ignorant and uneducated about economics and we believe that it is far too complicated for us to understand, then we rely on “experts” who, it seems are inevitably tainted by greed and power. There are many other “tricks” being played, often “in our name” around food, war, social welfare, education, etc. I plan to dance with that monkey illusionist and play his games with him, exposing them along the way.
Now, on a more business related note. Primal Digital LLC offices will be moving again, back into the home front, as there is room available again, and cost-savings is important! Of course, the work is now coming in, and the office space is getting used more. Later today I have a video editing session and a recording session booked! I plan to do all I can to keep these clients and make the most of my new space. In addition, we are looking to plant ourselves somewhere else very soon, hopefully for a longer period of time. Most likely in Portland or some part of Oregon.
See the tricksters around us, and make some illusions of your own so that you understand the process.
In Lak’ech (I am another you). Julian Lauzzana, Primal Digital MC


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