3.3.10 PDX

March 4, 2010

Kin 224. Mayan Calendar info for today.
yellow seed
I created 3 electric seed thoughts, as requested in the Star Travelers 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity. 1) Our Concept of Family is Expanding. 2) We are in need of a society that better respects our elders. 3) Connect or Diffuse. Had two jobs today, which is great for me after so little work for these past couple years. Of course, it has been great to focus so much energy on raising my first child, daughter Aria (now 15 months). But work is important now and I had two fabulous clients today. Communications specialist and organizational consultant, Karen Mathieson, of Serendipty Communications hired me as videographer today. Many of you have seen the videotape of a conference presentation with bad audio and video. This is an alternative meant to show what a presenter will offer, but in better quality and more as a teaser for marketing purposes. Karen’s work is inspiring insightful and thought provoking. It reminds me that the oral traditions emerge in fascinating ways and that we need direct interpersonal communication now more than ever. My second client today was MC NETT, a high school student from Wilson High School. He is a talented lyricist using hip hop to channel his thoughts and personal expressions. Sometimes cathartic and abrasive, sometimes very loving, sometimes sounding much harder than he is- his work reminds that hip hop is here to stay and that it serves as a medium for personal expression through words with beats to keep the mind on track. So, today was all about the words. Words and vibrations. Yellow Electric Seeds being sent throughout the day by humans around the planet.


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