2009 in Review

January 4, 2010

After a trip to Michigan with my baby girl Aria it is nice to return to Portland. I have many homes with many friends and lots of family. For this I am very thankful. As I have not secured employment with an organization, I have focused on entrepreneurial activities through Primal Digital. I have to make the best of this economy and actually consider that this shift is fundamental to what needs to happen to become more sustainable citizens. This recession is actually just what the forces of nature mandated. We needed to shift our consumption patterns. If the economists are happy that people are spending lots of money over the holidaze, I say check yourselves people. Sure, gift giving is a special and important activity. If I could ever get around to getting the Pd recordings for sale and marketed (Insha’Allah this year), I would ask for you to commit to the Primal Digital cause. But the level of consumption we are accustomed to is not sustainable and we must forge ahead with new ways of living; using less and enjoying the simple things.

But enough of that rant…what IS going on in Primal Digital land with Julian Lauzzana and his partners? I will continue with my teaching of video production classes at Multnomah Arts Center and Robert Gray Middle School. Teaching is a new adventure for me and one that I almost started immediately following graduation in Boston in 1992. I am a much more patient man now and feel that its good I waited this long. I work in media literacy and digital divide issues to my classes and feel that, through the act of production, I am teaching kids to be less of simply blobs and more participative members of this high-tech world. You can find out more about my classes and some of the useful links related to this work at my
wikispace for youth media production

On December 13, 2009 we held a Cd Release Party for the “Young Musicians of SW PDX” at O’Connors Pub in Multnomah Village. The place was packed. I did pretty good on the live sound (considering how out of practice I am). The musicians were stellar. We sold out all the merchandise with additional orders still being filled! Please keep buying this as 50% of proceeds supporting small arts grants program in the Public schools of Southwest Portland. It feels like this project is the beginning of something substantial and replicable. With the partnership of the Wilson Area Arts Council this CD really brought out some amazing talent from the neighborhood. I would love to do additional volumes in this community and branch out into other communities of Portland, the country, the world. We’ll see where it goes next!

Primal Digital hosted the Hillsdale MicroCinema in the last part of 2009 with 4 screenings September to December. We are now in planning stages for how to expand and sustain this project. Each event has been a wonderful undertaking with meaningful results and a sort of world unto itself. Attendance, support and donations are greatly appreciated!

There are many other things happening, but those are the media related events from Primal Digital during the last quarter of 2009. Playing music with the baby has been fun and there are many plans to roll out Primal Digital products and services. We wish you a festive 2010 and trust that you will do all you can to make the world a brighter place for me and you! Keep it primal with love, dedication and expression!


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