Primal Digital begins quarterly podcasting!!

October 30, 2008

Pd Podcast No. 1

This podcast celebrates 10 years of Primal Digital, which began in New York City at 244 East Houston street in October of 2008. It turns out that this is also a 7 year anniversary of Julian meeting Hardy Fox on Halloween in 2001 at the Brava Theater in San Francisco at the tail end of The Residents “Icky Flix” tour, which led to a future collaboration with The Residents.


This podcast is the first of many upcoming Primal Digital podcasts for which Julian Lauzzana will be digging into the substantial and tasty Pd archives while also creating new work and mixes for releasing to the public and conducting interviews with individuals somehow associated with Primal Digital, LLC. This podcast includes an edited interview from October 28, 2008 with Hardy Fox of The Cryptic Corporation, Julian’s initial and ongoing point of contact for communicating with The Residents. This podcast contains remixes done by Julian from the original multi-track recordings made on November 13-15, 2002 at the Warsaw Theater in Brooklyn, NY where The Residents performed during their Demons Dance Alone Tour. These mixes were done by Julian Lauzzana and released in this podcast with authorization from Hardy Fox of The Cryptic Corporation and are not intended for resale in any way. All rights reserved by The Residents and Primal Digital.

Please visit the Primal Digital Podcast page at


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