East Coast Trip

September 19, 2008

The trip to the East Coast in August was very fruitful, including: completion of Masters Degree requirements with a Capstone Presentation, a Mantramatic show and some hard core family time. Although the MantraMatic show was attended by very few, a good recording was made and the session itself was quite deep and followed by an epic conversation with Daniel Carter and Pasquale Cangiano which involved Burrito consumption and me trying to keep up with these two heavy weight conversationalists who can play their tongues in the language of talk as much as music…I am also a little out of practice with the New York schedule.
It was great to interact again with Giorgio Gomelsky (who hosted the event), Daniel Carter and the rest of the MantraMatic crew for this, the Seventh Manifestation of MantraMatic.
Prior to the New York gig, Julian completed his graduate work in Organizational Management by presenting Capstone work on Cross-Sector Partnership for Sustainable Development at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. In 2005 Julian underwent an intensive one year on-campus phase of the graduate program. Then, during 2006-2007 Julian worked and lived at Arcosanti for one year for the practicum phase of graduate work and then conducted research in Farm to Schools Programs while living in SE Michigan–this will be discussed further in another blog entry which will link to the completed work.Primal Digital, LLC is dedicated to using the arts and the media for social change and this requires people and our organizations to work in harmony with others who share the planet. The knowledge and experience of this graduate program will be applied to my work and life, through Primal Digital. Currently I am working to expand the Pd website as the main portal for sharing and communicating, while using Portland area contacts to express things locally. I am also deep in job search mode.


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